Christian Wellness Coaching for Individuals with Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses

Introducing Christian Wellness Coaching for Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses at Overcomers Counseling, LLC

We’re excited to share our new service to help those with recent disabilities or chronic illness diagnoses.

Our Christian wellness coaching focuses on your needs and offers guidance, resources, and understanding.

This service is great for people who:

  • Need help for an employee with a new disability.
  • Want a caring friend who knows about tough diagnoses and rehab.
  • Need support to understand disability psychology.
  • Need help with decisions about their new diagnosis.
  • Want advice for reaching career and personal goals.
  • Need help with the tricky world of vocational rehab.
  • Remember, coaching isn’t the same as mental health counseling.

Contact Overcomers Counseling for a free 15-minute chat to learn the difference between therapy and coaching and see if our new service is right for you.

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We continue to offer virtual therapy for clients across Georgia.