Counseling for Christians – Christ centered counseling

Why I love Counseling Christians

My faith and experiences with childhood cancer contributed to my interest in Counseling for Christians. 

Because of  these interests I worked to get training in counseling through Psychological Studies Institute in Atlanta (PSI).

I did not receive a formal degree or certificate from this institute.

However, I learned much about the limitations of the LPC code of ethics on the practice of Christian counseling through my classwork. 

I learned that I am not able to ethically use these techniques unless the person expresses an interest in these types of interventions. 

I am always ready and willing to pray, provide scripture and give feedback from a Christian perspective.  Counseling for Christians is a personal delight and calling. Thus, I am happy and excited to provide these services to those who express  interest .

Beyond my classes through PSI (now formally called Richmont Institute), I am formally affiliated with the Focus on the Family counselor network, where I have been approved to work with clients according to their Christian counseling guidelines. 

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In Summary

Growing up with faith and a personal brush with childhood cancer sparked a deep interest in Christian Counseling.

I got some great training at the Psychological Studies Institute in Atlanta. The biggest lesson learned? The importance of ethical boundaries in Christian counseling.

It means I only use certain techniques if you’re comfortable and interested. I’m always ready to share a prayer, reflect on scripture, or give advice from a Christian viewpoint.

And guess what? I’m excited to offer this to anyone keen on it. I also have ties with the Focus on the Family counselor network, which follows Counseling for Christians guidelines.

So, if you’re looking for a kind and faith-led journey to wellness, let’s explore Christian Counseling together!

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