Patient Forms

Counseling Patient Forms – Essential for Your Mental Health Journey with Overcomers Counseling

Easily Access Our Client Forms

Welcome to Overcomers Counseling, your dedicated partner in mental wellness. On this page, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of forms necessary for a seamless counseling experience.

At Overcomers Counseling, we’ve made it simple for you to download or print necessary forms. These are crucial for us to offer you top-quality care.

Authorization to Release or Obtain Records

Form for Records Release

Fill in this form to allow us to securely share your medical records with other health providers, if required. It’s an important step in ensuring comprehensive care.

Client Intake Form

Getting to Know You: Our Intake Form

Our Intake Form is your chance to tell us more about yourself. From your medical history to the reason you’re seeking help – every detail matters in tailoring our services for you.

HIPAA Fax Cover Sheet

Your Privacy Matters: HIPAA Fax Cover Sheet

Your privacy is our top priority. Our HIPAA Fax Cover Sheet is used when faxing your private medical data. It safeguards your information according to the stringent HIPAA rules.

Overcomers Counseling LLC Consent Form

Your Consent with Overcomers Counseling LLC

Our Consent Form outlines your agreement to our counseling services. It covers what you can expect, our rules, and your client rights.

Telemental Health Informed Consent Form

Online Counseling Consent Form We offer online counseling for your convenience. Our Telemental Health Informed Consent Form confirms that you understand and agree to these online sessions, knowing their benefits and potential risks.

By having these forms filled out beforehand, your first visit to us is all set to be smooth and stress-free.