September 2022 Accessibility Newsletter

Accessible Communication for Online Counseling Services

This year marks the 32nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Here, I plan to highlight the application of accessibility to online products and services and the importance of an accessibility statement on your company web site.

In a 1996 response to a memo requesting clarification about the topic of online accessibility the DOJ offered the following guidance: “Covered entities under the ADA are required to provide effective communication, regardless of whether they generally communicate through print media, audio media, or computerized media such as the Internet. Covered entities that use the Internet for communications regarding their programs, goods, or services must be prepared to offer those communications through accessible means as well.”

One way professionals can start to promote this cause is by providing an accessibility statement on their web site. This statement explains the company’s commitment to making their content accessible to everyone and should contain a phone number an individual can call if he or she encounters a barrier while on the site. The statement should also contain information about the company’s accessibility policy as well as any ADA compliant products offered. Check out the following page for help in the accessibility statement process:

Kimberly also stands ready to offer consultation for those who need help in implementing accessibility in their health practice. Feel free to reach out with your needs and concerns. Clinicians and medical providers can join Kimberly’s accessibility email list by going to:

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