Navigating the Web with Visual Impairments: A Look at JAWS and Zoom Text

Greetings to my February 2023 audience!

I hope this finds everyone happy and feeling loved! As someone who has been married for 17 years, I vaguely remember my single years in college and watching “anti-Valentine” movies with my single girlfriends. I guess whether it’s a happy or crappy time all depends on your stage of life!

This month, I am bringing a further demonstration of how people who are blind and visually impaired access the internet using assistive technology. First, let me explain the range of levels of blindness. A person may be blind or visually impaired. A person who is entirely blind can be diagnosed with or without light perception (Lp or nlp()). These individuals typically use a screen reader such as JAWS. The program uses keyboard commands to access the content on the screen.

As I write today’s newsletter, I am using JAWS to edit the file. For a real-life demo of the process of using JAWS to access a web page, check out this video:¬†

Visual impairment and legal impairment are declared when the individual meets the following criteria with best correction: 20/200 in the better eye or a field of vision that is less than 20 degrees. Persons who are visually impaired typically use screen magnification technology. One commonly used program is Zoom Text.

Check out a demonstration of a person using screen magnification to access a web page by visiting

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