Great New Service from Overcomers Counseling!

Hello and happy new year to all of my buddies! I hope everyone had a terrific holiday and is looking ahead to a prosperous year full of growth and opportunity. In this month’s issue of the newsletter I want to introduce my newest service offering. This service will help you avoid lawsuits and become compliant in your online counseling practice and product offerings.

If you have read my previous newsletters you understand online accessibility provides important independence and access to counseling services in an ethical manner.

Furthermore, you also understand that having ADA compliant web sites will help you avoid costly lawsuits.

Lawsuits are on the rise

With the rise of online commerce and virtual service offerings, we see a corresponding rise in law suits targeting those who conduct business virtually. A study of lawsuits pertaining to accessibility in 2021 found that accessibility lawsuits are filed at the rate of 10 per day, with an increase of 15% in 2021 . The highest rates of these suits are found in those with ecommerce web sites.

Additionally, data on these lawsuits excludes the practice of demand letters, which occurs when the individual or company demands money to stop a lawsuit. Consensus exists that the practice of demand letters occurs much more frequently than the filing of lawsuits.

What about online healthcare and counseling practices? In the past 3 years, there has been a 300% increase in lawsuits targeting online accessibility for healthcare practices with 1 in 5 lawsuits relating to these medical companies.


Thus, online compliance continues to be an important way to avoid costly lawsuits for the healthcare practice.

I know that many of you are confused about how to implement a compliant solution in your practice. That’s why I am excited to help you with my newest offering of website auditing. Website auditing includes reporting to give you the actionable steps you need to take to make your online content accessible. If you are interested in this service please contact me for a quote.

My passion continues to be helping persons with mental health issues through therapy and counseling. Additionally, I currently have openings for those seeking therapy. If interested fill out the contact form at my web site at I specialize in disability and chronic illness, military and their family members and Christian counseling.