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A survivor with a strong belief in myself and the potential of others. 

Fun and Vitality for the Newly Blind and Visually Impaired

For persons who are newly blind and visually impaired there often comes an inner struggle and overwhelming sense of boredom as they come to a belief that their active lifestyle has come a grinding halt after the vision loss. With the thoughtful application of some simple principles and activities, however, it is possible for a newly blind person to once again realize the many benefits of an active lifestyle.

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How Does My Faith Help Me Overcome My Problems?

I have experienced my share of problems, some brought on by my own poor choices and others brought on by various factors that I had no control over. Some have lasted for but a brief time and others have long ago worn out their welcome. I have made it through the darkest seasons of my life because the truth I know is greater than what I feel.

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3 Steps for Overcoming Adversity

What is the meaning of our suffering?  Why do bad things happen to good people?  What is the difference in the person who encounters disability or illness and accomplishes great things versus the one who becomes angry and despondent after adversity? 

In this entry, I examine the importance of finding meaning in our challenges, the role of psychological resilience in dealing with our problems, and using suffering to learn and grow.

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